3 Common Myths about Having an Event Catered


Are you looking for a catering company? Whether you need a little help with your child's birthday party or you are getting ready to host a company event with hundreds of people, it's important to find the best catering services available. The problem is there are a variety of misconceptions and myths surrounding catering companies. Want to dispel your worries and fears? Keep reading to find out.

Myth 1: You Can't Have a Menu That Caters to All People

While it might require more planning, time, and money, it is possible to have your event menu fit all diets and needs. Whether someone is vegan or gluten free, most catering companies can actually provide you with a wide range of options and alternatives to their typical menu items--without forcing the other guests to eat something they aren't interested in either.

Myth 2: Appetizers Are Less Expensive than a Meal

If you want to save a few dollars on food preparations, appetizers are not the way to do so. You might think that because a full meal isn't being served, you can save money. The truth is creating a broad menu of appetizers is often more time-consuming and expensive than preparing a basic breakfast or dinner.

Myth 3: Catering Always Costs Less Than Going to a Restaurant

If you are serving a large group, many catering options are much less expensive than taking everyone to a restaurant. However, keep in mind that catering companies need to do everything from set up their cookware to placing silverware on the table. All of this extra work requires extra cost.

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