3 Creative Catering Ideas for Your Event


When you host a large event, one of the most stressful parts of the even can be providing food to all the attendees. You want to make sure the food is excellent and that it serves as a highlight of the event. One way to have food that stands out is to offer unusual catering dishes. These dishes are still delicious, but may use unusual ingredients or feature usual ingredients an unusual fashion. Here are a few unique catering ideas to consider for your next event.


  • Mashed Potato Bar – Consider having a mashed potato bar at your next event. Attendees will get basic mashed potatoes with a wide variety of toppings so that they can customize their potatoes however they like.
  • Pie Pops – Consider a fun dessert that miniaturizes this popular dessert. Attendees will enjoy the selection of bite-sized pies on a stick that are full of flavor.
  • Personal Pizza – Provide each attendee with their own personal pizza. In some cases, the catering company may even be able to customize the pizza for each person. This is a great way to meet everyone’s tastes and food preferences.


Having your event catered can provide a great opportunity for the people attending to network and get to know each other. Choosing unique dishes can provide a conversation starter and give everyone something to remember when the event is over.

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