3 Creative Food Stations for a Catered Event


Having plated meals served at your next catered event can make the event seem high-end and elegant. However, sometimes, you are looking for something a bit more unique than the old "chicken or fish" routine. Here are 3 creative food stations that we at Coburn's Catering think are perfect for any catered event.

Crepes and Waffles

Everyone loves breakfast food. So why not set up a crepe and waffle bar at your catered event? Your guests can go through the line and build their own breakfast masterpiece with a variety of fresh ingredients. Whether they want something savory or sweet, every guest can get exactly what they want, and it will be a unique twist on the event's food.


You can never go wrong with pizza. Some people think that pizza is too "common" for a catered event, but even this classic dish can be dressed up. Have several varieties of pies made with more high-end ingredients. For example, you can try chicken with artichoke hearts instead of the regular pepperoni pizza. Serve them all up on a long bar of pizzas and everyone will be happy. Plus, it's a relatively inexpensive way to feed a crowd.

Finger Foods

Who says you just have to serve one dish as your meal? You can serve your guests from a delicious station filled with finger foods. Mini quiches, bite-sized hamburgers, and any other food you can imagine can be added to your food bar, allowing guests to have a taste of everything without overeating.



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