3 Foods That Everyone Loves


Just like any other trends, certain foods are popular at times and out of style at others. There are some dishes, however, that remain popular through the years and are a guaranteed success at any event. If you’re planning a party or even throwing a business meeting, here are 3 dishes that are sure to be a hit.


You’ll find some sort of pasta at just about every catered event, and there are many good reasons why. Pasta is versatile and popular with kids and adults alike. It’s a comfort food staple that can be dressed up for fancier occasions as well. You can go with classic spaghetti, dressier chicken penne, or even a build-your-own pasta bar. Another advantage of pasta is that it’s relatively inexpensive, making it great for large groups.


Another classic American dish is the well-loved hamburger. Although you may think of backyard barbecues when burgers are mentioned, they’re a great food to serve at catered events because they’re so popular and simple to make. Your guests can dress them up with their favorite toppings so everyone can leave the table satisfied. Don’t forget to include a veggie burger option for guests who aren't meat-eaters!

Fried Chicken

Although messier than many other catered food options, fried chicken is something that just about everyone loves to indulge in. One of the best comfort foods out there, it’s the very definition of “finger-licking good!” It may not be ideal for a wedding reception or another formal event, but it’s sure to be a hit at birthday parties, graduations, and other more casual celebrations.


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