3 Foods That Everyone Loves


At Coburn's Catering, we get a lot of questions about special dietary needs and how to keep costs down while providing everyone with a favorite food. The following foods are ones that everyone enjoys. While some may not be able to eat all of them, just the smell of these foods can help people feel at home.

No Small Potatoes

There is a reason why potato salad is so popular at potlucks. Potatoes are good, and they are versatile. From French fries to garlic mashed to baked, potatoes are crowd pleasers. A baked potato bar is always a winner because it lets people dress up their potato in any way that they want.

Cheesy Goodness

Cheese is glorious. American, cheddar, and Swiss are just the beginning of cheese options. A baked brie with cranberries is mouthwatering and just the right thing to put on crackers. Those who are lactose intolerant can try lactose-free cheese varieties.

Bacon It Right

At Coburn's Catering, we often get requests for bacon-wrapped dates. Bacon has made a comeback in recent years. Its salty goodness is now recognized as one of the top flavors in the world. For those looking for healthier options, turkey bacon is a good substitute. Even vegetarians have their own version of bacon.

With the above 3 ingredients, you can put together a bacon cheeseburger with fries combo that will be the hit of the party. Make them sliders, and they even become upscale.

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