3 Foods Traditionally Served at Weddings in Mexico


Weddings are one of the most significant occasions in a society. Brides spend hours and hours planning to make their weddings perfect and memorable. Choosing the right foods to serve your wedding guests can contribute greatly to the enjoyment and lasting memories of the occasion. Nevertheless, each country has its own wedding food traditions. We at Coburn's Catering would like to tell you about a few of the food traditions that exist at Mexican weddings.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

These powdery, buttery delights are so popular that they have also become a tradition here at home. Mexican Wedding Cookies are a mainstay at Mexican weddings, but you'll also find them showing up at Christmastime and other non-wedding occasions. No matter where you find them, they are delicious.

Main Dish Buffet

Served buffet style, the Mexican wedding main dish consists primarily of marinated chicken or beef. Often the marinade is a prized family secret passed down through generations and is used to marinate the chicken or beef for days before the wedding. Cilantro or lime is often used to season the dish. Some wedding parties, however, choose to serve enchiladas as the main dish.

Traditional Side Dishes

Tortillas or taco shells in which to wrap the chicken or beef are usually found at Mexican weddings, but sometimes spicy rice is used instead. The rice is seasoned with tomato, peppers, chili, and saffron. Last, but in no way least, beans are served along with the chicken or beef, or they are served to go inside the tortillas.

Mexican wedding food, no matter what the variations, is enjoyed at Mexican weddings, but is a great choice for any wedding.


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