3 Great Options for Buffet Catering


Buffets can be a great way to provide people food without having to navigate the issue of ordering specific meals ahead of time and paying numerous servers to bring out different courses and refill drinks. Buffets give event guests a range of options in terms of food and drink items and allow them to choose their own portion size of each. Read on as we share some great menu options for your buffet catering needs.

Go Southwest with Beef or Chicken Fajitas

A dish of fajitas is a southwestern favorite that lots of people love. Fajitas are corn or flour tortillas filled with grilled meat and a medley of vegetables, usually peppers and onions. They usually retain a smoky flavor from the grill and people can choose the number of fajitas they'd like, depending on how hungry they are.


Lasagna has the trifecta of good ingredients: pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce. An old Italian favorite, people love both beef lasagna and vegetarian options that come with cheese alone.

All-American, All-Beef Hotdogs

If you have a summer event or have a crowd with more homey tastes, you can also get a hotdog bar on your buffet table. Guests can pick up their all-beef hot dogs and choose toppings like onions, relish, ketchup, or different types of mustard. These are easy to eat while mingling and make for a delicious lunch or dinner.

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