3 Important Reasons to Include a Gluten-Free Option


It used to be that nobody even knew anything about gluten except manufacturers, nutritionists, and those who were allergic to it. Now, you hear about it all the time. If you are hosting a catered event, you may be wondering whether you should have a gluten-free option available for guests. We'd like to explain 3 important reasons why you should.

Healthier Option

Many nutritional experts recommend avoiding gluten. Therefore, many of your health-conscious guests--of which there will be many--will have the option to avoid it.

Avoid a Disaster

As mentioned above, many of your guests might be allergic to gluten. A lot of people are. If one of these guests unknowingly consumed gluten--even as a result of personal error, assuming one of the entrees was free of ingredients that include gluten--they might have a reaction that could include symptoms ranging from temporary illness to those requiring hospitalization. It's very important to include a gluten-free option for this reason alone. This will make it clear that other menu options may or may not include gluten and keep your guests safe.

It's Popular

Let's face it, avoiding gluten is more than just possibly sound nutritional advice; it's also downright trendy among today's rapidly growing health-and-fitness-obsessed generation. So it just makes sense to include this option. 

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