3 Mediterranean Food Options for Your Next Party


Planning an event can be exciting, whether it’s a wedding or birthday party, but picking out the right food to serve your guests can sometimes feel overwhelming. We're here to help and take the guess work out. As experts in the catering field, we have thrown our fair share of parties and urge you to consider these 3 Mediterranean food options for your next party.


Hummus and pita chips are a great starter for your guests to munch on. Pita chips are lightly toasted and salted pita triangles that can be dipped in the hummus, a chickpea, or other bean dip that can be flavored with olive oil, red pepper, and even garlic, among many other flavors.


A Greek salad is a great option you should add to your party's spread for your guests to enjoy. These salads typically consist of crisp romaine lettuce, roma or grape tomatoes, green or black olives, feta cheese, and a balsamic or olive oil-based vinaigrette. This unique salad is served in many restaurants, proving its likability among a wide array of people.

Main Course

Greek kabobs or meat skewers are a fun way to add meat to a variety of dishes. Typically marinated in a souvlaki-style sauce, the rich flavors complement rice and potatoes, and it can even stand on its own as the perfect main course.


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