3 Things Every Professional Caterer Should Have


As a professional caterer, you should have the proper licensing and certifications. Once the business side of things is ready to go, there are certain things that you should have in order to complete each job. Here are 3 things a professional caterer should have on hand to host your event:

Prep Equipment

When working in the kitchen, a caterer should have all the equipment and tools needed to create the food needed for any event. From pots and pans to knives and spatulas, you should run a full kitchen to ensure that the food will be safely and properly cooked and ready to go.

Transferring Equipment

If a caterer isn't cooking the food at the site of an event, the food needs to be safely transferred to that location. You should have insulated containers and food covers to maintain safe temperatures. You don't want to risk your clients and their guests getting food poisoning or having food that is cold when it's time to eat.

Serving Equipment

Presentation is key. As such, every caterer should have trays, food warmers, fuel cells, serving spoons, and other equipment needed depending on whether you will serve the food with servers or buffet style.

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