3 Tips for Planning a Better Business Lunch


There are a number of reasons for planning a business lunch. You may need to meet with clients in order to discuss their needs. Maybe you need to meet with your team in order to go over their work and discuss the next steps they need to take. Perhaps you’re planning a luncheon to celebrate a milestone or show your employees how much you appreciate them. Whatever the case may be, use the following 3 tips to plan a better business lunch:

Keep It Casual

In a casual setting with a casual menu, employees can relax. When they're relaxed, conversation can flow freely. You can use the time to gather ideas or just let your employees unwind from the rest of the busy schedule. In some cases, it may be appropriate to plan some form of entertainment, too.

Refrain from Pungent Foods

Since the goal is to get people talking, it would be wise to stay away from pungent foods. For example, onions and garlic can negatively impact one's breath, so it would be wise to leave these off the menu.

Limit Menu Options

Choose foods that can easily be managed with a fork and knife. You could also plan finger foods, such as mini sandwiches or pinwheels. Select foods that are easy to eat, so you can focus on business while enjoying the meal.

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