3 Unique Catered Party Themes


Catered parties don't all have to be buttoned-up affairs with everyone in their Sunday best. In fact, they can be fun and unique, if you want them to be. We see a lot of fun party themes at the events we cater. Here are a few unique themes for you to consider for your next event.

Book Theme

Have a book that you're in love with? Then design your event around that book. Guests can dress as characters, you can decorate the venue to reflect the story, and even the food can be reminiscent of your favorite novel. Whether it's a classic Jane Austen novel or a children's book you've always loved, your food and decorations can help to bring those words to life at your party.

Children's Movie Theme

Are you a kid at heart? Then have your party centered on your favorite movie from your childhood. It doesn't matter how old the movie is; planning a party around an animated classic makes it a great event that all your guests can enjoy. With the right menu, you can still keep it classy while having a light-hearted, fun atmosphere.

Decades Theme

Remember those decades dances from middle school and high school? You can have the same kind of party theme at your event. Make it a roaring '20s or groovy '70s party. If you want to get really in-depth with your period theme, you can take it all the way back to the Renaissance. Whichever era you choose, have guests dress appropriately, put up period-appropriate decor, and serve foods that were popular in that era.

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