4 Desserts that Are Perfect for a Summer Party


Hosting a summer party? Don't forget the dessert! Instead of opting for popsicles and ice cream bars, try out one of the delicious ideas to top off your event.

Fruit Tart

A fresh fruit tart is a great way to finish a summer party. Because it is such a versatile dish, you can use your favorite fruit or whatever is in season. Using a premade crust or your favorite recipe, slather lemon or vanilla pudding on it and top with fresh fruit. Add a dollop of whipped cream for a quick and easy dessert that will make everybody happy!

Strawberry Shortcake

An all-American classic, strawberry shortcake can be prepared in many different ways. Try making individual shortcake cupcakes for each of your guests. If you are feeling adventurous, slice up pieces of pound cake. Then, put whipped cream and strawberries in between 2 slices and grill it up like you would a panini. Delicious!


If you are looking for a dessert option that can be made healthy, parfaits are the way to go. Start by layering fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola in a dish to give your guests a taste of summer without the sugar. If healthy isn't your goal, don't worry! This dish can be switched up to suit your sweet tooth. Try layering chocolate pudding, sandwich cookies, and whipped cream in a dish instead.

Ice Cream Bar

Nothing screams summer like ice cream! Provide a variety of different ice creams and sherbets for your guests to choose from. Then, load up on the toppings. Dishes full of sprinkles, fruit, candies, and syrups will allow each person to create his or her own sundae.

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