4 Tips for Stress-Free Catering


Big events require big planning. Food, decorations, music, service, seating, tableware--the list of details to consider and manage is overwhelming. Hiring a caterer to help coordinate all those details is a great solution to keeping everything in check, but even hiring a caterer comes with its own stress points. Here are 4 tips for stress-free catering:

  1. Hire a caterer you trust. Asking friends for catering recommendations is one way to find a trustworthy caterer. You can also ask around about which caterer's events you've attended and enjoyed. If you start planning your event with confidence in your caterer, you'll eliminate a great deal of stress from the process.
  2. Be prepared for your first meeting. Your first conversation with the caterer will set the tone for all your interactions. Be prepared with details of the event and your expectations. Make sure to share all your thoughts about the event with the caterer and be specific about the details that matter the most to you.
  3. Ask questions. Lots of questions. Don't ever assume someone is handling something; ask so you know. Make sure you clearly understand which aspects of the event are being handled by you, by the caterer, and by the venue. Even if your caterer is handling all of the coordination, the process will be easier on you if you understand the plans.
  4. Understand the budget. If you have a tight budget for the event, be clear about that with your caterer up front. Your caterer needs to provide you with a breakdown of the costs of the event so you can see how much you're spending on food, dinnerware, service, etc. Again, don't assume anything. Ask to see the details.

When you hire a trustworthy caterer, prepare carefully for your first meeting, ask lots of questions, and understand the budget, you set yourself up for a stress-free event!


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