5 Catering Options for a Kid’s Party


Hiring a catering company for your event can help relieve your stress and provide you with an event that everyone will remember. If you are planning an event for children, you might feel at a loss for how to best cater the event. There are many different kid friendly catering options that are available. You need to decide which options would work best for your event. Here are 5 different catering options that you might consider for your next kid's event:

  • Finger Foods: Kids love finger foods. There are plenty of causal, kid friendly finger foods that your catering company can offer. Finger foods provide easy cleanup and are generally a cheaper option than a full meal. Kids love to eat on the go, so this can be a great option for an active event.
  • Thematic Menu: If you have a theme for your party, plan the food to match the theme. Your catering company can help you decide what kind of food will work best with your party theme.
  • Buffet: A buffet is a good option because it can offer kids a wide variety of choices. Depending on the age of the kids attending, you may need to have enough adults present to help kids serve themselves.
  • Sit-Down Meal: If you want to provide a full meal, a sit-down meal can be more structured than a buffet, and kids won't need help to get their meals. However, kids may have a hard time waiting for everyone to be served.
  • Dessert Bar: One of the most popular options for a kid's party is to provide a dessert bar, especially if the event is not long enough to merit a full meal.

Consider your event, and work with your caterer to choose the best option.

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