5 Quick Tips for Choosing Party Food


Here at Coburn's Catering, we help people’s parties and other events go off without a hitch. The food you serve at a party is one of the most important elements of your party, so you need to make sure you pick the right things to serve and the best caterer. Here are 3 quick tips for choosing the best food for your event.

Try before You Buy

It is important that your food taste good or else you risk your party literally leaving a bad taste in your guests’ mouths. You can avoid this by trying the food before committing. Bring friends who will be attending the event to give you their opinions as well.

Keep It Balanced

You should try to maintain some balance when choosing your menu. Having lots of heavier foods is going to leave guests uncomfortable, while having too much lighter fare may mean guests leave your event hungry.

Check with Your Guests

It’s not always possible to check with all of your guests prior to the event, but if your event is smaller and you can check with many of them beforehand, do so. Find out whether there are any things that any of your guests will not be able to eat due to special dietary restrictions.

Compatibility with Event

You are not likely to serve baby back ribs at a wedding or a black tie event where people are going to be dressed up in their formal wear. Make sure that the food you serve is compatible with your event. In other words, keep the baby back ribs at your Super Bowl party or tailgater.

Plan Ahead

Finally, plan ahead. If you are planning the event for summer, there is nothing wrong with nailing down your catering selections in the spring. Just keep in mind the time and season of your event is going to have an effect on the types of foods that you want to serve.


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