5 Winter Appetizers for Your next Event


Winter is a great time to plan a social event. Cold weather, warm fires, and tasty food bring people together in a special way. The fare for winter events is tailored to the time of year so to make sure your next event is both fun and memorable here are 5 ideas for appetizers to serve.

Fruit and Cheese

Seasonal fruits paired with specialty cheese are always a popular choice. Red grapes and sliced pears go well with Edam cheese. Try a bowl of sweet Clementines along-side Havarti cheese. If you want to use exotic fruits, think about Cactus Pears, Cherimoya, or Passion Fruit paired with Asiago cheese.

Stuffed Baked Mushrooms

Mushrooms are comfort food and even more so when stuffed and baked. Fill button mushrooms with hummus, bits of roasted red pepper and chopped olives for your vegetarian guests. For meat lovers, create a filling of roast beef and blue cheese. The possibilities are endless when it comes to stuffing mushrooms.

Roasted Nuts

The aroma and flavor of roasted nuts signifies a winter party. Roasted nuts can be dusted with a number of different spices. Chile powder, garlic salt, or cinnamon are just a few spices that enhance the flavor of nuts. The spice you choose depends on whether you want a sweet or savory taste. Serving nuts while still warm turns them into a comfort food perfect for a winter social gathering.

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

The tiny sausages known as Little Smokies are standard fare at many cocktail parties. They’re typically slow cooked in a BBQ sauce and served straight from the crock. Try wrapping them in bacon before slow cooking to add a hardy, robust flavor to your appetizer table.

Chili Bread Bowl

For a more casual winter event, why not set out bread bowls filled with chili? The large size corn chips could be used to eat the chili and a selection of diced onion and shredded cheese for toppings. Serving two kinds of chili-both red and green makes a colorful and tasty appetizer sure to please your guests.

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