5 Winter Appetizers for Your Next Event


With winter time, people start planning holiday parties. Whether it’s a work event or a gathering of friends and family, you need to think of foods that will work for your winter event. Consider one of the following appetizers:


Meatballs are always a good choice for winter events, because they’re warm and easy to serve. There are lots of different varieties of meatball recipes that you can try depending on your personal tastes. Consider sweet and sour meatballs, teriyaki meatballs, or Swedish meatballs.

Soups and Sliders

Soup can be difficult to serve, but you can provide individual servings with small sandwiches for your guests. Try a single serving of tomato soup with grilled cheese sticks that guests can dunk in the soup as desired.

Dips and Crackers

Crackers and dip are the perfect choice for a quick appetizer that guests can graze on throughout the event. Try something warm for the holidays. How about a spinach and artichoke dip? It will have your guests returning for more throughout the evening.

Donut Holes

It may not sound like the classiest food to serve at your event, but pair it with hot chocolate and coffee and you have a crowd pleaser. Have a wide variety of donuts for your guests to try.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one recipe that brings us back to our childhood. Try serving it in individual portions and provide toppings to spice it up, such as bacon or jalapenos peppers.

Description: What should you serve at your holiday party this year? Read Coburn’s catering’s article to discover 5 appetizers that you could serve at your holiday event.

Tagline: Consider these 5 winter appetizers for your holiday party.

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