6 Hot Trends for Your Next Catered Event


As you plan your upcoming event, you should consider the following hot trends in catering.

Cultural Fusions

It's becoming more popular for people to stray from choosing just one cultural cuisine for their events. You don't need to just have a taco bar for your event or barbecue; you can mix different types of foods. One of the most popular options is Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Persian options.

Super Waters

What people refer to as "super waters" is becoming more popular. Some of the options are coconut water and birch water. You can use these waters as a base for drinks and other recipes.

Healthy Options

People are becoming more concerned with their health. As such, they're looking for healthier options when eating out. Make sure to include kale, cauliflower, seaweed, and other vegetables in your food options.


More people are moving away from cocktails and turning to more manly drinks. Rum, beer, and other hard liquors are often the perfect option for your catered event.


When it comes to your meat options, more caterers are using pigs. You can consider recipes that include bacon, pork, sausage, ribs, and other options.

Colorful Dishes

The dishes can become a work of art on your attendees' plates. Choose a variety of dishes with different colors, so everyone ends up with colorful plates to enjoy.

Whatever your preferences are for your next catered event, we at Coburn's Catering can discuss the trends with you and help you choose the perfect plan.


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