A Day in the Life of a Caterer


Caterers are the types of people that put customer satisfaction above almost anything else—but it involves a lot of work! Find out what a day in the life of a caterer is really like.


Once a caterer receives a job, preparation to make the event extra special begins immediately. They will work with the client to plan out the menu, from appetizers to desserts and everything in between.

Bright and early on the day of a catering job, the caterer will go over the details of the job and make sure all of the equipment and food is ready to go.


In the majority of cases, the food will arrive at the venue already prepared and ready to serve. So before making their way to the event, the entire day (and/or night) is spend chopping, cooking, and preparing the menu.

Upon arrival, the food is either transferred to warming dishes or placed on serving trays. As the guests begin enjoying the food, the caterer must make sure everything remains stocked and clean.


After the event, the caterer still has a long way to go before calling it a day. They must pack up or throw away leftovers and leave the venue spotless.

Food is often the main focal point of an event, so caterers must work hard to make it memorable!

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