Barbecue from Around the World


A lot of people think of barbecue as a strictly American form of cooking, especially in the South. However, countries all around the world have their own forms of barbecue. Check out this list of barbecued foods from different countries across the globe.


In Argentina, a barbecue is known as an "asado." At these spirited events, huge slabs of meat--sometimes whole animals--are smoked over an open fire pit to a nice, crisp finish. Meat is served with chimichurri, salads, and grilled veggies.

South Africa

For South Africans, barbecuing is a part of their culture. Known as a "braai," outdoor grilling has even earned its own holiday in South Africa. At these events, people serve up pork and beef sausages, skewers of chicken or lamb, and a variety of jerky meats.


The Filipino form of barbecuing is known as a "lechon" or "lechon baboy". These events usually feature a whole roasted pig, served up with sides of noodles and rice, as well as a sweet Filipino gravy called Mang Tomas.


Korean barbecue, or "gogigui" is traditionally cooked over a small indoor grill instead of an outdoor pit. Common dishes include beef sirloin (bulgogi) and beef short ribs (galbi). The greasy dishes are often served with sides of noodles, soups, and even the occasional fried egg. Chase it all down with a shot of Korean rice liquor, known as soju, as you're in the money.
If you want to have any of these delicious types of barbecue at your next event, speak to a caterer.

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