Behind the Scenes: What Goes into Catering an Event


You just attended a memorable event. The table settings were gracious, welcoming, and perfect in every way. The food was delicious and flawlessly presented. It looked, smelled and tasted just right. The music and sounds of the evening put you completely at ease. If all these elements came together just right, the chances are pretty good that the event was catered. What went on behind the scenes to create such a deeply satisfying experience?


Caterers and hosts work together to make decisions about the venue. The venue needs to fit the event. Caterers consider the nature of the gathering. Picnics, formals, meetings, and ceremonies are all events that each require a venue that will contribute to the success of the event.


The food is a key ingredient to any event. Sticky barbecue is best at picnics and has no place at a formal wedding. Steak and chicken are tricky at garden parties where guests don't have tables to set their dinnerware. The food needs to be just right for the occasion. In addition to being appropriate, it also needs to taste wonderful and look flawless. The food needs to be at the right temperature at the right time and be easily accessible to all guests.


The decorations, tableware, glassware, and music all work with the venue and the menu to create an ambiance unique to each event. Caterers know not to use fine white linen at barbecues and that champagne requires flutes, not tumblers. An expert caterer will make certain that every detail of the event serves to provide the guests with an experience that will satisfy all their senses.

If you have an event coming up, consider using a caterer. You, and your guests, will be glad you did.

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