Beyond Food – What Else a Great Caterer Can Do


When planning an important event, finding a good caterer is often a top priority. A good caterer offers delicious food, professional servers, and no-fuss cleanup. Many people don’t realize, however, that your catering company may offer other services to help your event go smoothly. Ask your caterer if they offer the following four services:

Referrals for Other Providers

Caterers often have relationships with other businesses in the event industry. They have attended many events and know which providers are worth the cost. Ask your caterer if they can help you find the perfect venue, entertainment, photographer, florist, and more.

Event Planning or Coordinating

Keeping track of all the decorations, invitations, providers, and schedules for a big event can be overwhelming. Your caterer may have an event planner on staff who can help you keep track of everything, leaving you more time to mingle with your guests and actually enjoy your event.

Bar Services

In addition to food, many caterers offer bar services, including equipment rental, as well as professional bartenders and servers. Ask your caterer if they can provide cash bar or open bar services, and whether they charge hourly.

Equipment Rental

Bars aren’t the only thing your caterer might have available to rent. If your venue lacks anything you need for your event, your caterer may be able to provide it. Many caterers offer rentals such as extra chairs, tables and linens, dance floors, fountains, and even tents and canopies.

Good food isn’t the only thing that distinguishes a good caterer from a great one anymore. Find out if your caterer can save you time and money in addition to providing a good meal and professional service.

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