Box Lunches Are the Perfect Solution for a Company Lunch


We know that it can be stressful to get lunch for everyone in the office. As it turns out, catered box lunches can be the perfect solution for a corporate lunch. Whether you're planning a working lunch or a company get-together, ordering box lunches for your team will make your life so much easier come lunch time at the office.

Simple Menu

Box lunch options have been designed to be simple for one reason: you. Caterers know that when there's too many options, ordering lunch for a crowd can get complicated quickly. Most box lunch menus are sleek but still have options that everyone will love.

Good Price

A box lunch gets you a lot of food for a good price. Traditional box lunches come with a sandwich or wrap of your choice, a bag of chips, a piece of fruit, and dessert, with the option to add water or a soda. You'll get a delicious gourmet lunch for under $10!

Easy to Transport

Since everything is neatly boxed up, transporting these lunches is a breeze. You are welcome to pick them up at your convenience, but most caterers offer to deliver them if your office is located within a certain distance. Once you're back in the office, you'll be able to pass them out quickly because each box lunch is clearly labelled.

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