Calculating Food For Your Catered Event


Without a doubt, the biggest nightmare when hosting a catered event is running out of food before guests have had their appetites satisfied. When guests remember a party, one of the main things they think of is the refreshments, and if you run short of food, they'll have negative memories of the event and won't be likely to return. But if you order too much food, you'll have paid for a lot of food with nowhere to put it.

So what is the best plan? Some people like to adhere to the rule of halves and plan on half the number of people that say they'll come showing up, but that can leave you woefully short if anywhere close to the expected number of guests arrive. Instead, a better choice is to opt for smaller portions of a multitude of options, while making sure to cover the number of people you expect to attend if every expected guest arrives.

If, for example, you were planning to serve one main entree and two normal side dishes, you might opt for two smaller entrees and add a couple more side dishes or appetizers. By going that route, you give guests an option to enjoy several of the foods they really enjoy and skip some they might be less enthused with trying. The key is to keep guests happy as best as you can, and guests will be a lot happier if they're able to enjoy four or five servings of a food they really like, as opposed to having to eat everything or feel hunger because there's only one serving of each item available. By expanding options and meeting the low-end estimate, you can make sure your guests get plenty to eat, without stocking your freezer with unwanted leftovers.


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