Catered Food Themes from Classic Novels


Whether it's a book club brunch or a wedding centered around your favorite novel, literature is a great place to turn for party inspiration. From decorations to food, you can create an entire event centered around a single book. If you're looking for book-themed inspiration for your next event, consider these literary menus, inspired by classic novels.

Alice in Wonderland

If you're going to have a party inspired by the classic, Alice in Wonderland, then you absolutely must have a tea party. You can have a variety of teas available for your guests, along with finger foods like biscuits and miniature sandwiches. The sandwiches can even be cut into hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs, in honor of the Queen of Hearts and her gang of card-shaped soldiers.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series of books and movies were a phenomenon that greatly shaped the literary world, and you certainly can't go wrong in letting it shape your next party. Serve up frothing mugs of butter beer and an assortment of sweet treats that would make Honeydukes proud. You can also serve assorted meat pies and other classic British treats, all of which are often found in the Greal Hall at Hogwarts.

The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was all about decadent living, so if you want to pull off this party theme, your menu must be just as decadent. Assorted hors d'oeuvres warm up the appetite for delicious baked hams and roasted turkeys, followed by lemon cakes for dessert. And of course, you'll need to keep the drinks flowing for a true Gatsby party. Don't forget the mint juleps, which are Daisy's drink of choice!

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