Catering Different Events: What You Should Know


Different people come to caterers with myriad hopes and dreams for their event. Of course, if you need boxed lunches for a work luncheon you will want to have different presentation, ingredients, and combinations of food than if you are catering a wedding reception. At Coburn's Catering, we have created meals for numerous types of events. The following will help you choose your catering based on your event's needs.

Communicating the Details Clearly

Before you begin consulting with a catering company about your food needs, do research about how many people you can expect to attend, whether there will be many people with particular dietary needs, and what items are popular on the caterer's menu. Consulting with other family members or friends who are helping you plan your event as well as your contact within the catering company can give you better ideas about the options and best route to traverse.

Planning Catering and Decoration in Tandem

You should keep both the food and the decoration in mind. It can be fun to theme your events. You can do a Hawaiian luau and get decorations and food to go together. There are many ways you can cleverly mix the many elements of your event to help create a great and memorable party that will live in the minds of your guests for years to come.

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