Choose a Buffet for the Best Wedding Reception


One of the biggest decisions of your wedding is what kind of dinner you want at your reception. There is the traditional sit-down dinner or the buffet style that has gained considerable popularity over the last few years. There are several advantages to having a buffet at your reception. Check out the top reasons why from the professional caterers at Coburn's Catering.

Cost Effective

Buffets cost considerably less than your traditional sit-down service. The cost of a sit-down meal includes the cost of wait staff and plate preparation. If you are a food connoisseur who loves the look of an elegantly prepared plate, you are going to spend more per person for these services. Self-service saves you on wait staff and plate prep as well as RSVP and menu cards. Buffet tables and food stations take up more room in your wedding venue, however. You may need to shop for a larger ballroom or tent to accommodate the extra space. Also, bear in mind that some of your wedding pictures will likely feature a buffet table in the background.


Buffets offer a wide variety of choices for even the pickiest eater in your party. It is also a good option for guests who have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Vegetarians will especially love being able to load up on their favorites.

Mix and Mingle

A buffet allows people to get up and move around and mingle. This is another reason why it has become a popular option for outdoor weddings. Older guests will tell you that a buffet is not traditional. Parents and grandparents will probably prefer the elegance of a sit-down meal but your younger guests will love the casual feel of a buffet.

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