Choosing between Plated Meals and a Buffet for Your Event


When planning a party, whether for a wedding, birthday, or other event, figuring out how each element of the celebration will connect to the others is important. Party planners go to elaborate lengths to ensure that the decorations, food, and activities are cohesive. Deciding on whether you should have a buffet or plated meals at your party will depend on a few factors that we'll give you more information about below.

Benefits of Buffet

If you're looking to feed a huge crowd and expect picky eaters, providing a buffet might be the best idea. Buffets allow people to determine their own portion size and what types of foods they'd like to eat best. Buffets also provide the benefit of downsizing the number of servers that need to be on hand, as usually only one needs to supervise the queuing and dishing of food. This can save money, but may appear more casual than having waiters bringing out different courses.

Plates and Waiters

Because this option requires more labor, it can be more expensive. However, if your event has a more formal tone, having plated courses will be more appropriate. With this option, guests can choose from a limited number of food options ahead of time. There might not be as much variety as a buffet, but the guests won't need to wait in line or serve themselves.

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