Creating the Perfect Buffet Event with Your Caterer


Choosing a menu for your catered event is the most important part of its success, whether it’s a casual get-together for 30 friends or a more elaborate affair for 100 guests.

Caterers specialize in helping customers visualize their expectations. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to serve a meal for a large number of people is buffet style, which can be set up as either a casual meal or a more elegant one, such as a wedding buffet.

As a caterer with years of experience in the Fort Worth area, we’ve learned what foods provide both taste and visual appeal for guests. We’ve suggested the following tips to ensure a delicious and enjoyable event.

Time of Day

Decide whether the meal will be served as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If the occasion is a breakfast, we’ve found most people expect traditional choices like eggs served with ham, bacon, or sausage, and biscuits as the bread of choice. Mexican breakfasts are also popular in the Fort Worth area. At lunchtime, a boxed lunch provides a delicious meal that can be served quickly, if there are time constraints. As for lunch or dinner buffets, most food choices can be interchanged easily with the same type of menu offerings. BBQ, for example, is perfect for lunch or dinner!

Casual or Elegant?

Most caterers offer the option of tablecloths, along with china and silverware instead of the more casual paper plates and plastic ware. Even the buffet table can be decorated in an elegant fashion to reflect the occasion.

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