Daring Ideas for Your Catered Event


For many people, when they host an event, they're thinking that they want to go for the safe play and stick with something that's tried and true. It's easy to see the logic in doing so, because food is a large part of almost any good party, and if you don't have a good meal, it's going to negatively color your impressions of that event. On the other hand, you also don't want to serve your guests the same thing that they've already eaten at a hundred different parties, because your event then becomes much easier to lose in the shuffle.

So what can you do? The best answer is to go for what you think will be memorable and trust your caterer to create the flavors that will please your guests. If you've got a group that's kind of adventurous, try an hors d’oeuvres buffet that gives your guests a small taste of a lot of different options. Guests are far more willing to try a small bit of something if they can take one small piece and then get more later, and by opting for smaller portions, you give guests a chance to try many different foods. It's honestly a bit of a bummer when you go through a party and you can't try everything you want because you don't have room.

Another great option is to serve a favorite at a different time of year. Your guests might be expecting one cuisine for the holidays, but if they're willing to go in a different direction, you can surprise and delight them with a flavor you know they'll love but aren't likely to enjoy at this time of the year. Whichever direction you choose to take your party in, your guests are sure to have a great experience they won't soon forget.

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