Deciding on Finger Foods for Your Party


During every party, people love to have food while they chat and work the room. This makes it extremely important for you to select the right finger foods to make sure that your guests are happy. Select something too fancy and your guests may be intimidated and confused; too basic and they will think the event is below them.

Chicken and Chips

Straight off the kid’s menu, you have the option of offering some very simple foods, like chicken fingers or nuggets, chips and salsa, or even popcorn. This might not be the best option for your business gala of course, but for a kid’s party you can be sure that these will be a hit. Kids love foods that they are familiar with, and you can be almost certain that all your little guests will be happy with at least one of the options.

Mini Sandwiches

For a middle ground, you can look to a large submarine sandwich cut into small pieces. Of course, you want to provide several different styles of sandwich to accommodate your guests varied tastes. This will work for most family gatherings and casual parties.

Shrimp Cocktails

When you have a fancy event, you may want to upgrade to more sophisticated appetizers. There are several options you can use, but seafood tends to be a popular option. Shrimp, as well as clams, make for big hits for your guests.

Whether you have a kid’s birthday party or a fancy business gala, you want to have finger foods to appease your guests. Making sure to choose the right food for the crowd will make your event a hit.


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