Determining How Much Food to Order from Your Caterer


When planning any catered event, you should be aware of the amount of food you are ordering. No host wants to be in the unpleasant situation of not having enough for everybody or the entirety of his or her event. On the other hand, ordering too much food can be a waste of money only to throw out leftovers or find guests to shoulder with take-out bags.

When determining how much you need to order, ask yourself these three questions: 

What Kind of Event Are You Planning?

Guests come to an event with expectations formed from an assumed standard; these precedents vary widely between different functions. For example, a wedding reception traditionally serves appetizers, an entree, and a dessert. These are served either buffet style, plated style, or family style. As the host, you should be aware of standard expectations for the type of event you are planning and prepare accordingly.

How Many People Will Be Attending?

The amount of food at your event should correlate to the number of guests; because of this, caterers often charge per person. An experienced caterer can give an estimate of how much food will satisfy a certain amount of people; however, you can expect some guests to eat more or less than others.

How Long Will Your Event Be?

The amount of food and drink you need is dependent on the duration of your event. People drink and eat more the longer they stay. You wouldn’t expect the amount of food required for a cocktail party to last for an entire bat mitzvah.

With these questions in mind, you can gauge how much you should order for your event and provide your guests with a pleasurable experience.

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