Selecting the Right Catering Company


The best way to find a catering company is often through word of mouth. Listen to both positive and negative experiences that your friends and family have had with local catering companies. Online reviews can be helpful, but they are also anonymous and are therefore not as trustworthy as personal reviews from those you know and trust. We also suggest that you gather references from recent events served by the company you are considering. Also, gather other information on the company from the health department, which has public records of relevant complaints.

After your research, we recommend that you schedule a tasting with the caterer to get an idea of how the food tastes. After all, the most important part of the catering company is the food. This means that you should not only consider the quality of the food, but also the types of food that they typically serve. Food is not the sole deciding factor, of course. Other issues come into play, such as the price of the food. Also, different companies will have different policies concerning the services they offer. Some caterers will only deliver the food, while others will serve it, either in a buffet setting or served to tables. The size of the catering company will also determine the size of the party that they can serve. Finally, after you have considered these issues, get a quote, read the contract carefully, and prepare to enjoy your meal!

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