Everybody Loves Catered Barbecue!


Barbecue isn't just for family picnics anymore. Fried chicken, beef brisket, pulled pork, and smoked sausage, plus all the mouth-watering sides, like potato salad, coleslaw, and savory baked beans, are sure to please even the most finicky guests. If you have an event to plan, you need to consider serving a catered barbecue menu. What's more, it doesn't really matter what kind of event you are planning; barbecue will work for all kinds of events. Consider the following:

  • Office lunches. Ditch the potluck and cater barbecue instead. It's a super easy alternative to the typical, labor-intensive potluck lunch.
  • Small work meetings. Are your employees tired of deli platters and generic pasta dishes at your meetings? Surprise them with a delicious barbecue buffet.
  • Major corporate events. These are the big parties, with hundreds of attendees and mounds of pressure. Lighten the burden and the mood and choose to serve barbecue. People love it. No more tired chicken or fish meals served lukewarm and a bit dry; spice things up with barbecue.
  • Family reunions. You've made the effort to plan and attend a family reunion, where you get the chance to visit with relatives you rarely see. Do everyone a favor and serve barbecue. It's something young and old will enjoy and it gives everyone a chance to get out of the kitchen.
  • Picnics. Of course! Nothing is better at a picnic—family, neighborhood, or company—than barbecue. Forget slaving over a hot grill cooking burgers. Get some barbecue and spend more time enjoying the day.

Everybody loves barbecue, and catering it makes it easy. Choose barbecue, choose to have it catered, and choose to spend more time enjoying your event.

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