Feng Shui for Buffets


Believe it or not, large dinners can go relatively smoothly with the proper preparation. One of the ways you can make a buffet easier on yourself is by a proper arrangement of your table or tables. Here we have a few tips to get you started with a system of harmonization.


Of course, the first thing every guest will need is a plate or bowl. You should put these at the beginning, very visibly so that everyone can see where the buffet starts. Conversely, utensils should be at the end. No one really knows which utensils he’ll need until after he’s selected his food, and it will save him from having to juggle more things than necessary as he’s getting his food. As for the arrangement of the food itself, if you have special dishes that are in limited supply, put these at the end, because your guests won’t have much room on their plates at that point.


So that everything is visible, try to vary the heights of your dishes. If you don’t have enough tall dishes for a back row, you can elevate them by stacking some books underneath your linens. Make sure all of your dishes have clear rests for serving spoons so that nothing gets messier than it has to. Also, clearly label your dishes. This will help the guests move down the line more quickly.

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