Finger Foods or Sit-Down Meal for Your Event?


When planning your next event, one of the biggest things that you need to think about is the food. Having it catered will simplify your decision, but you still need to think about whether you want to have finger foods or a sit-down meal. Here are things that you should consider about each to help you make your decision:

Finger Foods

  • Finger foods tend to be much cheaper. Not only do you save money on food, but you also won't need to think about dishes, cutlery, etc.
  • Whether your event is formal or casual, you can choose finger foods that will work for the event.
  • Finger foods work best for shorter events.
  • If your event is during the late morning or early afternoon, finger foods would be your best option.
  • You can have a greater variety with finger foods to meet everyone's needs and palettes.

Sit-Down Meal

  • With a sit-down meal, you caterer will know how much food to get to feed everyone.
  • You can plan activities to happen between courses to keep the event running smoothly.
  • It may cost more money to pay for the food, servers, dishes, etc.
  • A sit-down meal allows all of your guests to sit down and rest or pay attention to the person speaking, giving toasts, etc.
  • For certain events, such as a wedding, guests will be expecting a sit-down meal. Anything else could leave them disappointed and hungry.

Think about the type of event that you're planning. Coburn's Catering can help you plan a menu with finger foods or a sit-down meal that will work for your event and keep your guests happy.

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