Food Etiquette and Fine Dining Faux Pas


Whether you are dining on delicate French food or rib-sticking barbecue, having good dining etiquette is essential, especially if you want to leave a great impression with your guests, colleagues, friends, or even potential clients. Follow these tips the next time you attend or host a dinner party, or any gathering that includes food. 

Follow the Host's Lead

If you're a guest, make sure to follow the host's lead when it comes to sitting down and beginning your meal. This ensures you don't take a seat that wasn't meant for you, and helps your host maintain control of his or her get-together. Additionally, wait until all guests have been served before picking up your fork to eat. 

Keep It Clean

As soon as you take your seat, place your napkin on your lap. Even if the food you're eating isn't particularly messy, it can help you avoid embarrassing stain situations if something does happen to fall onto your lap. 

What to Avoid

While there are a few main things to remember to do, there are also a few things to remember not to do at the dinner table. Blowing your nose, playing with hair, or even applying lipstick are faux pas while sitting at the table. Instead, excuse yourself at a good time and take care of these tasks away from other guests who are trying to eat. 

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