Food Themes to Consider for Your Catered Event


If you're organizing a catered event, you want every detail to be perfect. And if your event has any kind of theme associated with it, your food should mirror that theme; and even without a theme, the food you serve needs to be complement each other to create a perfect meal. Here are some food theme ideas to help you decide what to serve at your next catered event, whether it's themed or not.

Movie Themes

If your party is inspired by a movie, then you should definitely be serving food that goes along with that movie. For example, at your Harry Potter-themed party, you could serve butterbeer, cauldron cakes, pumpkin pasties, and other delicious treats inspired by the books and movies. If you're having a party inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" then you could have a tea party accompanied with tasty foods, and delicate treats labeled "Eat Me."

Ethnic Themes

Whether your party is inspired by a certain country or you just want to have a specific type of food, there are many culinary creations from around the world that would be great at a catered event. For an Indian-inspired theme, you can serve naan and chicken curry. If you want a Hawaiian-themed meal, you could have sticky rice, kalua pork, and poi rolls. Whatever ethnic food you desire, speak to your caterer and see what they have available to accompany that theme.
A caterer is experienced with pairing foods, so if you're not sure what to serve at your party, speak to a catering company to get their ideas!

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