Get a Taste – Sampling a Future Caterer’s Products


Having your special event catered leaves you with a lot more time to spend on other details. Choosing the food that will be served, however, is still up to you. When working with a caterer--especially for the first time--it’s a good idea to schedule a tasting session to make sure the caterer is the right fit for your event.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most caterers charge a fee for a tasting session, often around $50 per person. However, many waive or reduce this fee in the event you decide to hire them for your event. Still others offer complimentary tastings whether or not you end up hiring them.

What Are You Sampling?

Before the tasting, ask your caterer exactly what foods you’ll be trying. Many caterers have a standard tasting menu that allow you to get an idea of their food style and quality. Others allow you to customize your sample menu to choose the foods you’ll actually be serving at your event. Keep in mind that customizing the menu may come with an additional fee.

What Are Your Goals?

The main goal of a catering tasting is obvious: to make sure you like the food. You might decide you don’t like a dish as much as you thought, or you might ask the caterer to add a little more sauce or a little less spice.

It’s also important to look at the catering service as a whole during the tasting session to make sure they match your expectations. Is the service prompt and professional? How is the presentation of the food? Ask your caterer in advance if you want to use the tasting session to plan other logistics, such as linens and dishes, or to go over the number of guests and other important information.


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