Great Summertime Appetizers for Your next Event


Long summer days means it’s time to get together with friends and eat outdoors. At summertime parties, people are too busy to eat full meals, but outdoor recipe appetizers are a great way to feed people and keep the fun going. Here are some great appetizers that you can use at your next barbeque, tailgate event, or picnic.

One of the most popular summertime appetizer is a cream cheese filled pepper popper. A hollowed-out pepper can be filled with cream cheese, topped with chicken and cilantro, and then wrapped in bacon. This appetizer is great because it packs a lot of taste into a recipe that has very few steps. Other great ideas include garlic shrimp, fresh salads, and light sandwiches. A favorite light sandwich that’s popular right now is a slider. Sliders are small two-bite sandwiches that come in multiple sizes and varieties. These are similar to finger sandwiches, and can be enjoyed outdoors. Barbeque sliders are a popular option which can include your favorite barbeque sauce, coleslaw, cheddar cheese, and toasted rolls.

No summertime appetizers are complete without treats. Popular options include sliced fruit with cream cheese toffee dip, cookies, banana pudding, peaches and whipped cream, and other light but delicious sweet treats. Chips and dip is another must. You may want to consider making some jalapeno dip with tortilla chips, or some smoky ranch dip with some chipotle peppers mixed in served with vegetables.

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