Have a Taste! How to Evaluate a Caterer’s Sampling


Whether deciding on a menu for your wedding or your next corporate event, it’s important to get a feel for the food and the caterers that you are considering. Sampling a caterer’s cuisine is the perfect way to taste your potential options while also asking the necessary questions to the perspective company. To help you evaluate each option carefully, here are a few tips.

  1. Taste. The first way you should evaluate each of your potential caterers is by the way their food tastes. Obviously, if the food doesn’t taste good, don’t waste your money. However, there is more to evaluating the flavor than just that. Pay attention to how the caterer incorporates different ingredients and complimenting flavors. The food should taste fresh and lively.
  2. Presentation. Second only to taste, presentation is extremely important. No one is going to want to eat the food if it looks unappetizing. Your potential caterers should be trying to win your business. Because of this, you should expect the presentation to be unique, elegant, and out of this world. There should be a combination of colors and textures to make each dish pop.
  3. Service. A tasting is different than an actual event, but the service should still be noted. If you don’t feel that that the servers are kind, polite, and easy to get along with, just imagine how they will be with your guests. Don’t waste your time with caterers who aren’t willing to provide you with the respect you deserve.

Finding the perfect caterer for your event is a process. Take your time to taste and get to know the staff at each company. Once it comes time, you’ll easily be able to narrow it down to the perfect caterer to provide the cuisine for your spectacular soiree.


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