How Do Caterers Prepare for Large Events?


If you're looking to order a catering service for your special event, whether it's a bar mitzvah, wedding, or other party, you might be wondering what type of service you can expect and what goes on behind the scenes. Caterers have to be relentlessly organized and stick to a strict schedule to meet their clients’ needs. Here are some of our strategies to bring you the freshest, tastiest food for your big event.

Getting Up with the Sun

Caterers are usually up before sunrise to get everything up and running on time. If multiple events are going on, food will need to be made fresh, in many cases at the beginning of the day. Depending on what you order, your food might only have been prepared a short time in advance, so that you will get high-quality appetizers and entrees. Preparing and cooking the food takes place with the utmost care.

Managing Servers and Foods

An inventory of utensils, serving dishes, and servers who will deliver and set up your food will be done next. You will be able to count on special trays and warmers so that your food will stay delicious, even if you have people waiting in a long line to get their meal. Making sure that food and serving tools are in the correct order is one of our central priorities when catering for large events.

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