How Much Food Do You Really Need?


One of the last things you want to do is spend more money than you have to. This commonly happens especially when an event is catered. Often times, the head count is larger than expected, thus requiring more food, or there is way too much food leftover and money is wasted. To prevent spending too much money on food for your next event, follow these tips.

Get an accurate head count. This is probably the best thing you can do for your event. Require an RSVP for your event to ensure you do not order too much or too little food. It would be quite embarrassing if you ran out of food in the middle of your event. Once you have received a fairly accurate head count, consult with your caterer to determine how much food you will need.

Depending on the event you are having catered will determine how much food you will need. If you are having a wedding luncheon or reception, you can expect to need quite a bit of food. If you have a a business meeting, you likely will not need a lot of food. The meal that you are providing will also determine how much food you need. If you are serving dinner, you will need to plan on an appetizer, soups and salads, a main course with 2+ sides, drinks, and dessert. If you are serving a business meeting, appetizers and cocktails may be all you need to provide. Consult your caterer to determine what is best for your event.

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