How Sweet It Is: Offbeat Catered Dessert Ideas


Party guests get tired of the same old cake and coffee served for dessert. Here a few ideas for desserts that are sure to wow guests and have them ask for seconds.

Whoopie Pies

A fun dessert that isn’t really a pie at all, but a cake-like sandwich cookie filled with frosting. Made in just about any flavor a person can dream up, hostesses are requesting flavors like lavender with vanilla bean frosting, or chai snickerdoodle. The only limit is the imagination of both party planner and caterer.

Milk and Cookies

Who cares if they’re all adults? Everyone loves milk and cookies. This dessert is made even more special if each guest is served their milk in a personalized glass. Offer a mix of favorites like chocolate chip and peanut butter, but include a few unusual recipes like Dark Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt.

Popsicles with a Twist

If a catered party takes place on a summer evening, pass out popsicles made with fresh fruit and herbs. Pair watermelon and mint, strawberry and basil, or lemon and coconut. What a thoughtful way to help guests feel refreshed while bringing out the kid in everyone.

Dessert Shots

Tap a bit of graham cracker or gingersnap crust in the bottom of a shot glass. Add a tiny bite of cake or vanilla wafer. Top with thick creamy yogurt, raspberry coulis, and a single berry garnished with a mint leaf. It’s a mini-cake in a glass!

Desserts are usually the highlight of an event and they shouldn’t be boring. With a little creativity and the assistance of an experienced caterer like Coburn’s Catering, guests will enjoy unique and delicious treats. Whether it’s milk and gourmet cookies, tasty frozen fruits on a stick, or bite-size cakes in a shot glass, guests will leave with their sweet cravings satisfied.


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