How Sweet It Is: Offbeat Catered Dessert Ideas


Most people are pretty familiar with the standard desserts of cake, cookies, and ice cream, but dessert is one of the most versatile courses you can serve during a meal. Whether it's flavor, texture, size, color, or something else entirely that you're attempting to focus on, you can take dessert in as many different ways as you can imagine. For your next event, why not be adventurous and step outside the traditional sheet cake and chocolate chip cookies that you've seen done a thousand times before?

One great idea is to introduce fruit flavors into your dessert. Berries are considered nature's candies for their natural sweetness, and you can do plenty of things with them to really bring their flavor to the surface. For example, why not try a tray of chocolate brownies made with a raspberry sauce and topped with strawberries and blueberries to add some color to the dish? The combination of flavors can be something both irresistible and a change from what one normally expects from a standard dessert.

If you really want to go in a different direction, why not try re-imagining something that's been used one way for years? A tray of cinnamon buns is a great idea for this, as most people view cinnamon buns with a sugary glaze as a breakfast food rather than a dessert. However, nobody would deny how sweet this treat is, making it a perfect finish to any meal. For a real treat, try sprinkling on some imported Ceylon cinnamon to give your guests two distinct kinds of cinnamon in one incredible dessert. You'll be sure to have guests raving about it when they leave!

These are just two of the many great ideas you can try for a bold and different dessert. The possibilities are truly endless if you want to really surprise your guests!


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