How to Make a Beautiful Catering Display


One of the best parts about planning a party—whether it be a wedding, business party, bridal shower, or kid’s birthday—is the food. People gather around food and some people come to parties purely for the food. So, planning a beautiful catering display is one of the most important things you can do to help your party be a success. Here are a few ways to make your catering display the best you can.


One of the best ways to make a catering display fun is to create a theme around the display. If you are having a bridal shower, it’s wonderful to take the catering to a new level and feature some “bridal” things, like perhaps the colors the bride has chosen for her wedding, a wedding dress themed tier of cupcakes, or black and white cookies to show the traditional bride and groom colors. But, the display can be made even more beautiful by adding appropriately colored flowers, along with beautiful plating and decorations.


Next, the best way to make a beautiful catering display is to personalize the display. One of the best things for a wedding is to show the personalities behind the wedding. If the couple is a fan of books, showcase books throughout the display, and accent with Victorian themed elements, like teacups, or aged candle sticks. If the couple loves the outdoors, incorporate slabs of wood, greenery, or other similar elements to make a beautiful and unique display. Another way to make the catering display unique is to add favorite foods of the couple. It’s a great way to let people try the foods that you love and showcase the couple even more.

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