How to Make a Beautiful Display


You're in charge of creating a breathtaking display when the caterer brings the food. Where to start? Try working from the bottom, up.

  • Tablecloth – what color is the food and the serving trays? Contrast those colors with your tablecloth and your table will look amazing. Use clean, crisp tablecloths
  • If your party has a theme, and the food itself has a theme, carry out the theme on the table with serving pieces that are consistent. For instance, use Mexican pottery serving pieces for a Mexican food buffet. If the theme is romantic, use a mixture of antique serving dishes in pastel colors for your buffet. If you're decorating for a formal anniversary party, use silver trays and silver candy dishes and white linen tablecloths.
  • When you've chosen your linens and tableware, consider the space you have to work with once the food is on the table. Add candles and other decorative items to complement the theme. Small, inexpensive items are available through your local craft and hobby stores.
  • Flowers. Choose flowers that complement the food and table. A large bouquet can be a stunning anchor point for your display. If space is at a premium, bud vases with a single or a few flowers can be beautiful. Use what’s in season, possibly out of your garden, and you're well on your way to creating a beautiful display worthy of beautiful food.

Work with your caterer on making food choices appropriate for your event and discussing presentation well before the party. Caterers, such as have an interest in presenting their food in the most appealing manner and are professionally trained in preparing and displaying food. Call them today!

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