How to Pair Food and Wine for Your Catered Event


When it comes planning a catered event, pairing food and wine is often one of the biggest challenges. You want to make sure to have a variety of vintages that your guests will enjoy, but a selection that will also complement the food on your event menu. There is a general rule of thumb for selecting wines depending on when your event will be. For events held during the spring and summer, divide your selections evenly between red, white, and rose wines. For winter and fall events, feature dark reds more prominently and always have at least one option for champagne.

Red Wine

Another rule of thumb is to pair hearty foods with hearty wines. This is why red wines are commonly paired with heavy dishes like steak and red sauces. Cabernet, burgundy, and Bordeaux are other must-have reds, especially if you are serving lamb or dark poultry.

White Wine

Of the whites, Sauvignon Blanc is the most popular and most versatile. It pairs well with seafood and light pasta dishes. For poultry, consider adding a Chardonnay to your wine selection.

Rose Wine

Rose is by far the most versatile wine because it has the acidity of a white wine and the fruity attributes of a red. Serve rose wine with cheese platters and hor d'oeuvres. Fruity and sparkling vintages go very well with swiss, feta, gruyere, and goat cheese whether they are used as an appetizerĀ or as part of a larger dish.


Beyond the usual toast, a champagne selection is good with salty foods and fish. It is also good as an after meal palette cleanser.

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