How to Pick the Right Drinks for Your Event


If you want to host a successful event, you are going to need to pay attention to every little detail. From large decisions like where to host the event to small decisions like what type of silverware to use, it all matters. One of the most important things to focus on is the drinks and refreshments you will serve. Whether it's a birthday party or a corporate gathering, here are a few tips for picking the right drinks in any situation.

  • Consider the time of day. Certain drinks are more appropriate at certain times of the day. For example, you can serve orange juice for a breakfast or early-morning event where alcohol would be out of place. Likewise, there are people who drink coffee late at night, but that drink is better suited to morning and mid-day activities.
  • Consider the type of event and guests. Are you hosting a large block party for families? An open bar might not be the best idea if so. On the other hand, formal weddings are great places to serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Consider your budget. Some drinks are simply more expensive than others. Sparkling lemonade will cost you more than making hot chocolate. Alcohol is expensive where traditional juices aren't. Luckily, there are perfect choices for every budget.
  • Are you serving a meal? If so, you should pick drinks that compliment the meal. Water and hot chocolate are fine when dinner isn't being served, but you might want something more substantial (like juice, soda, or wine) if a meal is being provided.

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